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    Jul 07, 2011
    after update black screen win 8
    i installed windows 8 fine, ran update fine, but then selected graphics card update on optional updates and now when i boot to windows all i get is a black screen! please help!!!!!!

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    Jul 07, 2011
    oh and it defo boots because i hear the sound of windows etc.. just doesn't show anything on the screen

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    Can you boot into safe mode (hold down F8 during boot)? If not, you might have to push Fn-F8.

    If you can get into safe mode, follow this to uninstall the problematic graphics update (those instructions are for 7 but I'm hoping that MS hasn't changed all that much here).
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    Jul 07, 2011
    i do but it freezes on a screen saying setting options or something! sorry

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    You'll just have to reinstall & not update those drivers the next time...

    Remember, Windows 8 Developer Preview is pre-beta software, only meant as a basic proof-of-concept framework; while it may look it, it's not a fully-fledged OS & all the new graphical gumpf they've added-in with the Metro UI is only optimised to work on the specific trimmed-down version of Windows 7 they built it on.

    Change the graphics drivers, even to "better" ones, and you undermine the whole architecture...

    And so, I can only say: Better luck next time!
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