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    Outlook Contacts to Mac
    How do you transfer Outlook or Outlook Express Contacts to Mac Mail and/or Entourage? Outlook does not have Vcards. When I export contacts from outlook as text, and Import to Entourage, data is not transfered accurately to the appropriate fields.

    Your help is appreciated

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    There's a program called Outlook2mac ( I had the same problem, and unfortunately there's no easy way to do it manually. Go figure. Wish I had tried O2M.

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    Outlook to mac
    I had the same problem but i did solve it.

    Here is how i done it bear with me gets a bit much.

    I was running Windows 2000 Outlook 2000.

    1.I opened Outlook Express on 2k, imported the Outlook folders/accounts.

    2.Downloaded Thunderbird(I Think firefoxes mail client anyway)

    3.Imported the mail from Outlook Epress into Thunderbird.

    4.Went into my application Data folder within my profile, within there you will see a Thunderbird folder, and in the Thunderbird folder there is another directory users / mail or something like that easy enough to find.

    5.In the folder you will see all your mailboxes that were imported inbox, arhive or what ever you have, however none of them will have extentions.

    6.Copy these onto your desktop and add the extention mbox so inbox will be inbox.mbox

    7.Burn these to a disc or copy over the network to your mac.

    8.Drag these mbox files onto your Entourage it will then ask you if you wish to import just say yes.

    9.Thats it, unless you want to use OSX mail, were you do all the above exept once you have imprted the mail into Entourage open Mail then do an import from Entourage to Mail

    10.Have a stiff drink I find Whiskey does the job for me.

    Let me know if you got on O.K, well this is my first mac had if for about 4 days now and I managed to do it.

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    I give you an easy one. I moved my contacts this way.

    Go to your contacts in Outlook.
    Select them all.
    Go to actions a click foward as vcard.
    You will get an email message with the vcards attached.
    Send the email to your own account.
    Go to Mac mail and download the message.
    Save the vcards attached to a folder and import them to mac mail or entourage.



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    This program will help you "Outlook Contacts Exporter" - (Outlook Contacts to Mac Contacts)

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    Quote Originally Posted by fredbrook View Post
    This program will help you "Outlook Contacts Exporter" - (Outlook Contacts to Mac Contacts)
    For $49.00? Are you kidding... Use the free Thunderbird method mentioned above and save your money.


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