My friend has an iMac with OS 9 and OS X installed ('\system' and '\system files' respectively).
He has retained OS 9 in order to use his copy of Office 98 but since about a week ago has been unable to access the internet or retrieve mail.
I visited on Sunday and found that he could access (new) mail using
Mail 1.1 (v480)
and the internet with Internet Explorer (IE) via OS X - but not OS 9.
When attempting to start IE the application fails with an 'error type 2' message; the same with Outlook Express - but then that's part of IE isn't it!
We found a MS KB article suggesting renaming 'downloads.html' - but that didn't make any difference. The article suggested that there may be an invalid entry therein. How could I persuade the system to let me open the file in a plain text editor (as I am used to in Windows - 'right-click'/'Send to') - so I can check?
How do I pick up the address book from OS 9 and make it available in OS X, as it is empty in the latter? I am concerned as I can only find one User area (using my non-Mac experience).