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    Converting from FAT32 to NTFS
    Have any of you ever tried this? If so what was the end result? I have my Mac Boot Camp partition in the FAT32 format. Unfortunately I cannot move the partition to a new and larger hard drive without it being in the NTFS format
    As WinClone will not recognize FAT32. I fear incompatibility with some apps after the conversion as is common on Windows operating systems. Thanks.. Convert FAT32 to NTFS. Converting. Convertion.

    Convert FAT to NTFS

    Q: Is it possible to convert a FAT32 Hard Drive to NTFS without losing all data on the drive? I like to change from FAT32 to NTFS, my operating system is Windows XP PRO, how can I do that? Without the lost of my programs?

    A: Standard Windows utility that is called CONVERT serves this purpose

    Just go to the Command Prompt and execute the command:

    C> CONVERT C: /fs:ntfs
    Where C: is a name of the drive you want to convert.

    After machine re-boot conversion process will start and you'll have your FAT32 converted to NTFS without of data loss.

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    ?? It's been maybe 8-9-10 years since I installed an OS onto a FAT partition. Am thinking I did a conversion from FAT to NTFS on one of my first XP installs without issue.

    Don't know why any apps would have compatability issues. Apps should be compatible with XP, and no relation to whether you have XP installed to a FAT or NTFS partition. I have never seen an app specify the format of the drive.

    However, if you have data you do not want to lose, then I suggest a backup prior to conversion. Perhaps someone has done this in the last couple of years, but you may get more answers on a Windows forum related to this particular question. (You don't have to tell them it's on a Mac. This should not make any difference.)
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    The conversion is what I recommended to you in your other thread. And as bobtomay suggested, it's always a good idea to backup. However, lets keep this subject confined to one thread rather than scatter it between the two.


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