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    [Bootcamp] Can't to boot to Windows after creating new partition
    Hi Guys!

    A few weeks ago, I needed to do some programming in a windows environment so I figured it would be best to get my macbook pro to dual boot. It wasn't that much of a hassle and it worked perfectly. But then I thought, "why not also install Linux?". So I created a partition (two actually, one for swap space) using the disk utility but after doing that bootcamp wouldn't display windows in the boot menu anymore. However, the partition is still mounted and I can still access the files using finder.

    I've searched the web for this problem and soon ended up here (and searched the forum ofc). I've also read the Sticky which explicitly states not to mess with partitions after using bootcamp, but that was a bit like mustard after dinner (dutch expression hehe xD). I've read that is has something to do with the partition table. Is there a way (terminal?) to restore the partition and get bootcamp to recognize windows again (preferable without reinstalling windows)?

    Help would be appreciated!
    Grtz Bastiaan

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    Unfortunately, once you start messing around with partitions after Windows is installed, it's very difficult to recover without reinstalling.

    There are several different ways to setup Linux and Windows creating a triple boot. Here's one way: LINK

    Also, it's almost never necessary to create a Linux swap partition as long as you have enough memory.

    And, it's best to use VM software rather than messing with partitions and Boot Camp. Parallels, Fusion, or even the free VirtualBox all make it easy to triple boot.

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    Wow, thanks for the link! Just a matter of following the steps and then it just works! Great, thanks!

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