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    Disk Warrior- iMac G5 HD Crash- HELP!
    Hello- here's my story... I was working on a huge Photoshop file the other night, then all the sudden my Mac froze... couldn't move my mouse- nothing... the only thing I could do was turn it off by the power button in the back. I turned it back on, tried to open my PS file, and the same thing all over again. When I tried to turn it back on- it wouldn't boot- just the folder with the question mark came up. I looked through the manual, went on Apple's trouble shooting site- tried everything and nothing worked. So I called Apple support themselves, and wasted $50 on a support call to walk me through some things to tell me that my HD was corrupt... DUH! All they could do was walk me through on how to erase everything off my HD and reinstall everything... mind you- I CANNOT LOSE MY FILES! And yes- I was an idiot who didn't backup any of my files because 1. this is a new iMac and 2. in my years of owning Macs I never had a problem. Apple did recommend getting Disk Warrior- so I bought it, followed the directions... and now I'm having problems with it. In the first step you are supposed to select the Mac HD tab- but all I had was "unknown disk" and the Disk Warrior tab... so I selected "unknown disk" the program ran rebuilding the disk for 24 hours and then finally came up with my results. On the left side of the window it showed all my files it rescued- what a relief that was- so I closed out of that- not knowing if I was supposed to do anything other than just look at the files, and then clicked the "replace" tab. So it ran for a bit and then came up with the error message that there was a disk malfuntion and told me to run the repair again. UGH! So I did it, and this time around instead of having a tab of "unknown disk" it now had Mac HD like it was supposed to have. My question is- has anyone used this software before- know what I should be doing, or anything else? I am in desperate need of advice because I cannot lose my files on my HD! HELP!!

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    I can suggest doing a custom install and keep your settings perhaps that may help without losing everything. But if you can access your files do a backup first
    I started using PS from finding this forum and all the help I have gotten here thru the years is immeasurable
    thank you MacForums and all it's members

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