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Thread: XP Compatibility mode - Win 7 using Bootcamp

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    XP Compatibility mode - Win 7 using Bootcamp
    Have a new MacBook Pro. Loaded Windows 7 Ultimate using Bootcamp and working fine. Need to run older programs so tried to load Microsoft XP Compatibility Mode. Downloaded successfully and loaded. I have no listing under START menu but when trying to reload, it says it is loaded. I uninstalled and reloaded but no luck. Is this a glitch? Can Windows run a virtualization on a Mac? Have searched extensively on the web but no luck. Probably need to completely delete the Windows partition and reload but have not tried that yet.
    Thanks for any thoughts!!

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    Have you actually tried to run any of your XP programs? According to the video I watched about XP compatibility mode, it's seamless.

    And MS says - once it's installed you can run the XP programs. No special menu selection that I could see. ??

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    To run the XP compatibility mode, you have to select the option in the START menu. It is a type of virtualization that executes so that you are effectively running XP after booting into Win 7. I have some business applications that require it and they just won't run on Win 7 without that mode. The issue is that when I downloaded the function from MS, it did not create the option in the START menu so I can't fire it up. Trying to get everything into one laptop but have to get this working. If all else fails, will keep using 2 computers.

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    XP compatibility mode is in the properties menu. right click the .exe, properties, run in compatability for, then select xp from the drop down.

    you dont need to download anything.

    Am I missing something?
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