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    Hello ^^

    I'm new here and well... I have an issue.

    I have Macbook, one of those Macbook models from 2008 and I've had Windows XP SP2 in a partition til now. Recently, a malware had screwed up with a lot of registries and drivers so for example, it doesn't detect the IDE controllers anymore and also I have conflicts when connecting USB devices. Not to mention the iSight freezes then it doesn't load claiming that the cam is used by another program and such. Everything on Windows meanwhile the Mac OS partition is just as new.

    Since I lost my Leopard CD, Apple is sending me another one this week (they claim the drivers from the motherboard with the IDE controller drivers are there...) so I was wondering:

    1) Is it true that the drivers I need are there? Do you think my issues on Windows will be solved with that? I just want to make my computer work like before.

    2) Do you think I need to format? I don't have a Windows XP Pro SP2 CD anymore so... An OEM one will work?

    I just need a solution, I'm such a newbie in these things... And I need Windows for my job since the software I use for it only works on Windows.

    Thank you very much, if you need more information please tell me.

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    Welcome to the Mac Forums.

    Since your Windows side was infected with malware and especially if the registry is bad, I strongly recommend a new install. New drivers will not cure the problem.

    You do need a valid Windows CD though. An OEM version of XP will work only if it's a System Builder's one and is a full install of SP2 or SP3.

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