Hello, I have a problem, it's been a few months since I started working on Drupal,
and of course, the OS of choice is Ubuntu, I have currently installed v 11.04.

But I am not a big fan of Unity UI or the old one, usability wise, things not being polished yet, yadda yadda, same old story,
so I actually run ubuntu in a VirtualBox Machine installed in my MacOSX, this could also be looked at as if I would try to connect from another pc to my ubuntu PC, so no comments on the mac environment.

What is setup, all in all, I have a webserver with all that it needs, I use Apache virtual hosts to emulate my drupal sites locally, in linux and OSX, and I have at leat 4 drupal sites running flawlessly, but this one just won't redirect,

It is a Drupal 6 installation with www.site.com in the sites directory, so of course in my linux's hosts file and also the mac's, I've set up that domain, the strange thing it only REDIRECTS LOCALLY to my drupal installation, when I try to acces it from my mac, it takes me to the live site, which ... sucks, it's 10PM right now, I'm trying this since this morning, but apparently it won't work at all,

I am totally clueless, please, if you have any idea about this, point me in the right direction.
I think that this post probably does not belong here, I'm gonna repost it everywhere, DRUPAL and Apple forums