I am about to receive my new MacBook Pro. I am planning on purchasing a 3TB WD External Hard Drive. I am going to install Windows 7 through Boot Camp and just use that for a few apps and to rip my DVDs using Catalyst. Now if I format the external hard drive making it Mac compatible when I rip my DVDs through Windows 7 will it...

1. Allow me to save the video file on my external hard drive since it is formatted as a Mac hard drive

2. Will I be able to access any files on that external hard drive when I boot back up into Mac OS

3. Would you think it would be a good idea to install Windows 7 through Bootcamp then import it over to parallel? Is there any harm in doing that or should I just stick with Bootcamp. I just don't want to always reboot to get into Windows if I do not have to. But if it affects system performance by going the Parallel route I will not do it.

Thank you