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    TV output disabled with latest nvidia 9400m drivers?
    I decided to update my 9400m's drivers (08 fall unibody macbook) for Windows 7 to the latest available release - 270.61. It went fine, but I plugged in my Display port to HDMI adapter and my plasma didn't receive any signal. My macbook monitor went black, but the tv started its "no signal" countdown after a few minutes, which means nothing is being sent from my macbook to the TV at all.

    I tried the Force TV output setting - no dice
    I tried to force display detection and some other stuff - nothing

    I went back to my mac partition - everything's fine, output fine as usual

    I went back to Windows 7 and uninstalled the drivers, then let windows install its stock drivers for the 9400m, which is 177.16 or something. - worked fine again.

    Is this a known issue with these drivers? Anything ideas on how to fix it? It seems to work fine otherwise.

    Thanks for any help

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    Sometimes updating drivers in Windows causes problems as you found out. Here's where the old adage goes without saying.... "If it's not broken, don't fix it".

    Is it a known issue with the new drivers? Who knows... But if the old ones work, I wouldn't worry about it.

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    Yeah, seems like a lame unfixable driver thing. I'm gonna hunt down the newest release I can use without having to stick with the very basic stock drivers.

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