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MBPFTW 04-29-2011 08:42 PM

Windows 7 wont boot
I have a late 2010 MBP and i have had a windows 7 ultimate partition for a while it was working good then one day i try to boot and it gets stuck at the black screen with the blinking cursor. this happened after downloading a questionable file. im sure the partition is still there since i can browse it in terminal. tried mounting and unmounting it didnt work.

chscag 04-30-2011 01:13 AM

Try booting into Windows 7 using SAFE mode. Hold down the F8 key until it boots. Once in safe mode, remove the questionable file and reboot. If that doesn't work, post back.

MBPFTW 04-30-2011 08:29 PM

ok so i lost my win 7 disk so i "obtained" another OEM copy and reinstalled, it booted up fine till i installed the mac drivers for bootcamp from the cd that came with my mac, last time i did this it worked perfect. this time it worked but after hitting restart the boot up hangs on the black screen with blinking cursor for ~2mins then it boots normally, once in it works fine for about 1 minute then win 7 freezes completey, no response at all i left it for 15 mins hoping it was just a windows thing messing up but i didnt change at all so i restarted and same thing happens over again.

any ideas?

also. i tried booting into safe mode the login hangs indefinitely (or at least 5 mins :P)

chscag 04-30-2011 09:59 PM

Probably a bad video driver. Are you sure the Win 7 OEM disk you used is compatible with Boot Camp? Sounds like it's not.

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