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    just bought a macbookpro 17 and need help
    ok, so i just bought a macbookpro. here is what i would like to do if possible. i have a pc running windows 7 ult and has acronis 2011 home with power pack installed. i want to make an image of my drive and install it to a boot camped partition, or any partition, or wipe the macbookpro drive and just install my image on the whole partition if possible.

    the boot camped way is what i prefer. can this be done? it would save me so much time. i already made an image of my drive using the acronis media boot disc. my images in on a ntfs external drive. thank you so much in advance!

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    Unless Acronis has made some significant changes to their 2011 software True Image will "choke" trying to transfer the image to the hard drive on your Mac. TI does not understand the Mac partition scheme nor does it understand EFI.

    However, there is another way but it requires VMWare Fusion. Fusion has the ability to copy your Windows partition and create a VM from it with which you can install on your Mac. Of course you'll need the Fusion software for your Mac. The software to create the Fusion VM is free as far as I know. Here's the LINK to their home page.

    Note however: When you load Windows 7 in a VM with Fusion on your Mac it will have to be activated again as the hardware has changed.

    If you instead wish to use Boot Camp, you have no other choice but to create the BC partition on your new MBP and then install Win 7 Ultimate using the BC assistant and your Win 7 DVD. Again, it will have to be activated because of the hardware change.

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