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Railroadbill 03-31-2011 02:50 PM

Microsoft Creative writer 2
My wife uses Microsoft Creative writer 2 (a children's writing program) to make and post menus and messages at her preschool. When we got our imac she began using in on an old laptop PC. I tried to load it into my mac with no luck.

My question: 1. Is their a way to get it loaded onto the mac?
2. Is their anything similar for a mac?

As you can see IM a real novice at this stuff. Help

phake 03-31-2011 04:09 PM

Yes you can! :)
Hi Railroadbill,

Though it would be annoying you would be able to install creative writer 2 on your mac. But ...

1. You will need to buy / trial parallels to run windows xp or similar (will take a while to setup).

Parallels lets you run windows applications / features on your mac however it is Emulated (making it slower)


2. Setup bootcamp on your mac (Will also take a while)

Lets you run windows natively on your mac (makes things run proper speed)

Downside: you have to restart when you want to swap between windows and mac. (kind of negates the point of a mac if you are constantly in windows) apart from of course its pretty exterior.

Best of luck. :)

Just noticed a far better post on the same topic:

Unfortunately you cannot just run it. :(

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