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    Vista on macbook air. Help!
    Hi all,

    Sorry to be a complete newbie on here, but ive thumbed through a lot of the threads & posts by members and lots of other forums and im still stuck.

    Basically, I bought a macbook air last week and its great, but i also need windows on it to run some software thats not mac compatible. I bought a legit copy of windows vista home premium (only because its the most recent windows OS i could get without having to fork out a bundle for Windows 7). I did the whole boot camp thing and got vista up and running smoothly, but surprise surprise, none of the drivers are working. Every post ive read so far simply say at this point "insert your Mac OSX disc", but you dont get a mac boot disk with the macbook air, just a USB stick that doesnt contain the windows drivers. Instead, when starting the bootcamp partition in OSX, you are guided through a driver disk backup. Although when I run bootcamp in windows, its says that the driver disk that i created in OSX is only compatible with windows 7.

    I called apple tech support who were less than helpful and simply said "yeah, bootcamp doesnt support vista (or earlier) anymore". It seems that apple have completely cut off anyone who wants to use earlier versions of windows. They dont even keep a spare copy of the drivers on file that they can email to customers!

    Ive tried running an earlier version of bootcamp (v2.1 which apparently is ideal for vista) but had no joy, so my shiny new computer has no sound, no wifi, poor graphics, no ethernet capabilities etc etc etc...

    So needless to say I'm more than a little annoyed that ive just paid 900 for a computer that has less features than a thirdhand mid-nineties desktop!

    The only thing mac tech support could suggest was an upgrade to windows 7, but i was hoping you guys might be able to help me before I have to fork out yet more cash on this **** thing!

    thanks in advance!

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    Hi and welcome dan . . . . .

    There could be a way around it for you and that is to use VirtualBox. VirtualBox is a general-purpose full virtualizer for x86 hardware, targeted at server, desktop and embedded use.

    Or you could go down the Parallels6 or VM Fusion road. Both the last 2 are a paid App but VirtualBox is FREE . . . . .. Free i say lol and that way you dont need to fork out more $.

    Just on a side note though, did you do any research on the MBA before the purchase. You cant really blame Apple for not supporting certain things. A company needs to move forward and thats what they do when they stop supporting certain things.

    Anyways these might be a work around for you. Be sure to come back if you need ro know more

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    Have you tried this? MacBook Air (Late 2010): Installing Windows 7 drivers

    Boot Camp does support Vista, BTW.

    You can use or borrow a Superdrive as an option ... but you can put the drivers on a USB drive too.


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