I have not used any of my external drives going back and forth between my Macs and Windows machines as most of them are all available on the network. Until last night. Decided to try using the Win 7 backup utility that's been recommended instead of Winclone.

So, I booted my Mac into the Win 7 bootcamp partition, connected my external, and it just shows up as unallocated space while working just fine in OS X.

Naturally, it was partitioned and formatted from Disk Utility. Set up as GUID with 3 partitions. Currently, the 1st partition is my last Leopard bootable clone, then my Winclone partition, then my bootable SL clone.

My brief searches last night did not turn up anything useful much except to try Testdisk, which was pointless as it can't see a GUID partition table.

The question is, what do I need to do for this one disk to have my bootable clones on it as well as being able to see the NTFS partition from Windows.

My understanding at this point, I have to have the GUID partition map to boot my Mac from it and I need MBR for Windows to see it. Am I just in a catch 22 here?