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    HELP! Have little space on HD after Win7 install on a 27gb partition.
    I have installed Win 7 64bit on my iMac i7 with a partition for windows of 27GB.

    I have installed all updates on Win 7, installed security essentials, Steam and CCleaner.

    The problem!
    In windows is states that have have only 2.48GB free of the 27GB partition! Therefore i am unable to install games via Steam etc as I have so little HD space available. Surely the Win7 install does not require so much disk space. I have run CCleaner to free up space by remving temp files etc.

    Is there something I am missing here to free space up as this cant be right?

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    No, that's not right at all. Are you sure it's 27gb?

    Even with a hibernation file I wouldn't expect it to be much more than 10gb

    Why not do a search for files over 100mb?

    Are you syre Steam hasn't started downloading your library?

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    No, Steam is not lined to my account yet.

    I have just run Spacemonger. It appears that the three largest folder/files are;

    hiberfil.sys file is 6.43GB, pagefile.sys 8.57GB and winsxs 7.21GB.

    I have just removed the hiberfil.sys via command prompt.

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    Turn off hibernate, you can't use it anyway dual booting with Windows 7 and OS X. Note that you can't just remove it via the command prompt as it will return on the next reboot.

    Also, tune down your swap file. You don't need that much swap space. 500MB should be plenty. And lastly, check to see how much space you've allocated to System Restore. Use 1 GB at most.

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