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Thread: Question regarding gaming...

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    Question regarding gaming...
    For those of you gaming on your Windows partition on your Mac, how is it? Better? The same? Any problems during set up?

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    Really depends on the specs of the machine and what king of games you want to run. As you may know, running Windows through bootcamp means you get all the system resources your machine has to offer.

    As for the setup of Windows on bootcamp you should not encounter any problems as long as you read the instructions carefully and follow them step-by-step.

    On my MBP (listed under my mac specs on the left), I can quite easily run Call of Duty Modern Warfare on the highest settings possible, (and as listed this isn;t exactly a "new" machine)

    Hope this helps
    - Simon

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    I play games only on the mac side for 1 reason: the mouse. I have a logitech G5 and there are no mac drivers for it. If i try to play Counter Strike: Source on OS X, even at the highest sensitivity the mouse moves too slowly for me. Not to mention I already owned games on steam that dont have a mac version.

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    its exactly the same as a PC with the same specs. unfortunately, my macs suck a little bit for gaming: well, anything intensive, anyway.
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