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    Mar 16, 2011
    Bootcamp/Windows (Internet disconnecting)
    Okay, I'm running a Macbook Pro.
    Mac OS X
    version 10.6.7
    Processor; 2.66 GHz Intel Core i7
    Memory; 4 GB 1067 MHz DDR3

    Now thats over with here is my problem.. I have just used bootcamp to get windows running on my mac (Windows 7 Ultimate edition 32bt)... Everything went fairly swish, But now I have everything set up, My internet keeps disconnecting every 5-15minutes... Gets pretty annoying, Usually just ends up sorting it self out, but now and then it basically leaves me with no other option then to reset my laptop.

    I'm running wirelessly, On a Netgear router - With Virgin broadband.

    Anyone having this problem/ or just no how to solve it by any chance? I have seen tons a threads with the same issue but no responses on them which sucks

    Thanks for any help in advance, If a solution works, i'll be sure to post that it has for future problems with other users.
    Nate Brady.

    (((edit; let me know if you need anymore information about what i'm running etc)))

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    Quick question about your setup of bootcamp before I go any further, after you installed windows and booted into it, did you insert your OSX DVD to install the Windows-side bootcamp drivers?

    - Simon

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    Thanks for the reply Simon.

    Yep, I did install the drivers from the OSX DVD. Everything but the internet was working perfectly... I'm pretty sure I have solved it now though. Pretty rookie mistake to be honest, All I have done was signed back into Mac OSX partition, and do a system update. This seemed to have fixed it I think, since the Internet on my windows partition has worked fine since, For 2 hours strait.

    If it does do it again, I'll be sure to come back . But for now it seems fine.
    Thanks again for your response!

    To anyone experiencing this problem, Just try going to system update in the top left menu on your OSX after bootcamp is done. Seemed to work thus far

    - Nate Brady

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    Just a heads up - A software update to OS X would have no effect on your Windows BootCamp installation. A firmware update... possibly.

    It was more than likely just rebooting Windows that took care of it.
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    Spoke too soon, It keeps doing it again, I'm puzzled why... I tried rebooting it just, And it's still frequently doing it, Seems totally random.

    Could it have anything to do with the fact that I have a password on my OS X side?

    I'm not the best on macs, and I'm not entirely sure how the whole bootcamp thing works to be honest.. so sorry if i come out with stupid suggestions ha.

    - Nate Brady

    (((EDIT 1: Not sure if this will work, but once again I am installing updates; this time on my windows side... Completely forgot about this while doing this, so this is the 1st time I'm updating the windows side... Will get back to you to say if it's successful or not.)))

    <<EDIT 2: Updates have been done, I'm just going to keep using windows for afew hours to see if I still get any problems what so ever; then get back to you guys.>>

    [[[Edit 3:.............. "Edit 2" failed .......... ]]]

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    One suggestion: if your router is password-protected, disable the security and see if the windows side connection is more stable. If so, and you want to continue to have security, try re-setting the password from within Windows. It should still work fine on the Mac side. That has worked for others with similar issues.


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    Ahh thanks. I'll give that a try, and get back to you.
    When it disconnects, It seems completely random but goes through times of constantly doing it, then taking a break, So I'll leave it running for awhile then respond...
    Thanks for the advice/tip

    - Nate Brady

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