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Thread: Issue with installing win 7 via

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    Issue with installing win 7 via

    im having this issue....dont know what to do. any help is appreciated

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    This question has been asked many times in this and other forums. Doing a search will bring about many hits.

    Essentially what the BC assistant is telling you is that there is not enough contiguous free space to create the partition. In other words, the disk is fragmented and the file fragments or files can not be moved by the BC assistant.

    You can try making the BC partition smaller as that might work. However, the easiest and fastest way is to erase your hard drive, reinstall OS X, and restore from backup. That will remove the fragmentation.

    Make sure you backup first using Time Machine otherwise you will lose all your data.

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    You can also use a defragmentation program like iDefrag, which costs about $30. The above option is free. Both are fairly time-consuming and either way, you should back up your drive.


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    An quite frankly, leaving 14GB free space with 98GB used on your OS X partition, you should prepare yourself to start spending some time with the bouncing beachball.
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    Actually I had this exact same issue last week trying to BootCamp Win7. I was so frustrated I called Apple Care. Turns out after running a Disc Utility which discovered some HD/OS errors I was able to run BootCamp and successfully install Win7.

    Suggest you try that, my problem was not a defrag issue.

    Good luck


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    All I had to do was boot into safe mode: no idea why, but it worked. but as bob says, your leaving too little free space on your OSX partition.
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