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cooluk96 03-09-2011 01:50 PM

Windows Blue Screening
Hello mac users:)

i am starting a threat to ask you some stuff about "my" stupid macbook (about 3 years old).

I have this problem that i have whenever i try to use bootcamp. Well for school work and everything i use my Mac os but for gaming, obviously i use windows using bootcamp.

and when ever i install the drivers for bootcamp it gives a bluescreen mentioning a file name applemnt.exe

sometimes when i am lucky, i get to use bootcamp for about 2 days and the bluescreen comes back on. So i got tired and i used my money to upgrade the harddrive from 160GB to 500GB from the apple store. IT STILL DIDN'T WORK.

so now i tried installing vista (ofcourse all these versions are not pirated) and the same problem occurs. This time i tried win7 from my dad's company and this time the problem was that every.... 30 seconds? 1 minute? a pop up screen pops and disturbs my computer. when i am gaming this causes me to alt tab out of the game which is very annoying.

well this problem has been there for about a year now. at first, i was trying to get use to this piece of junk but now it doesnt even turn on the thing.

i tried restoring the bootcamp partition and restoring the disk from the snowleopard cd thing, ive tried changing the harddrive, i tried changing os disks, i tried cleaning all the dust of the inside of the computer but it just doesnt seem to work.

does any one have any solution to this problem? i live in italy so there is no genius bar that i could use. i dont care if it costs money or not:S i just want it fixed cuz there is no way that my dad will get me another computer.

please and thank you :S

louishen 03-09-2011 02:44 PM

Do you run any anti virus protection on the Windows installations?

cooluk96 03-09-2011 02:47 PM


Originally Posted by louishen (Post 1199337)
Do you run any anti virus protection on the Windows installations?

oh yeah i hav mcafee. tried but didnt work. obviously hav my firewall on.
but virus doesnt seem to be the problem because this problem was there even before and after the harddrive was replaced.

Buzzard2010 03-09-2011 02:48 PM

Just the thing I was going to ask, popups usually occur because of some sort of Malware, get the free version of AVG anitvirus scanner available here

Hope this helps
- Simon

cooluk96 03-10-2011 12:06 PM

well guys the problem is that the computer keeps getting bluescreens. right after i install windows, it gives me a bluescreen and when i reboot it it givs it again. if i keep doing it, at a certain point, it doesnt even boot windows.

chscag 03-10-2011 01:33 PM

Thread moved to correct forum and title edited for clarity.

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