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    Smile What are the advantages of running windows on my MAC??
    Hi guys,

    I am fairly new to mac (and I LOVE I LOVE IT I LOVE LOL) I have many questions for you but I start with this one since I'll be back quiet often here. I have parallele Desktop and I have a new windows 7 that I would like to install on my mac but IS IT REALLY worth it?? I heard that once windows is installed viruses can make their way in even though windows is not running (is that true) and also I know you can basically find everything mac version but I was going to get windows fr games as games for mac are just starting to come out....
    Do I really make a good deal by installing windows?? I am afraid of viruses I have never had any problems so far and I want to stay that way.

    Thanks a millions guys


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    If you want to run Windows on your Mac to play games, then you should install it using the Boot Camp assistant not Parallels or any other VM software. VM software does not provide the proper drivers for 3D rendering and fast graphics.

    As for viruses and malware, when you run Windows anywhere, you need to be protected. The good thing is that if your Windows gets infected it will not infect OS X. Windows malware and viruses have no effect on OS X.

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