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Thread: How do I run visual basics on my Macbook Air?

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    How do I run visual basics on my Macbook Air?
    Hi guys I just got my Macbook Air and taking a visual basics programming course and was wondering how I can possibly download it to my Macbook Air please people any help. THANKS!

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    If you want to use Visual Basic on your MacBook Air, you can install Windows either by using the Boot Camp Assistant or VM software. (Parallels, Fusion, or VirtualBox)

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    You should be able to run it no problems under VM, but if you want to use all the resources your computer has to offer, then install under Boot Camp as suggested by chscag

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    As noted by chscag, VB is Windows only. You could take a look at Mono and perhaps more specifically, this page. I would ask for professor/instructor first before deciding what route to go.
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