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    Windows 7 on Macbook
    Hey guys, had a question regarding the installing of Windows 7 on my MacBook Pro 15" 2.4 GHz.

    I mainly just want to play video games on the Windows side, most notably that new MMORPG coming out Star Wars The Old Republic. I'm not going to be installing or using any software on the Windows side.

    How many gigabytes would you guys say is good to partition my disk for the Windows side? 32? I really don't do much on the Mac side except surf the web, music, movies, and thats it.

    Or should I just install Windows XP? I'm not sure if that would work for the Old Republic though.

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    Install Windows 7, worth more in the long run. In terms to how much disk space, I'd say go with 50GB.

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    yep 50GB. dont bog your windows side down for no reason with too little space.
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