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Thread: Stumped !

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    Stumped !
    Ok I'm lost.I apologize if I sound lost.But im new to Mac.but I love it.anyway here is my problem.
    I installed Win 7-64bit thru boot camp,,the load went ok,problem is when it gets to the point where it says starting windows for the first time,,the logo appears,,then a black screen,,for some reason,it will not fully load.i partioned drive,in other words everything im supposed to do, i dont know if it doesnt like win 7 64 bit or what. i tried installing 3 times with same results.i followed all tutorials here on installation, but it just wont completly boot.. any Ideas ?

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    what mac have you got
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    Louishen,,sorry all new to me it is am Imac with snow leopaed 10.6 and ty
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