i started to partition the drive of my late 2009 version macbook running on snow leopards most recent version of software but then quit half way through because it was 2 in the morning and i realized i should just wait so i quit boot camp. but i get on my macbook this morning and went to partition, or delete the old one and start over but instead i find that it says my entire hd is still running on osx but wat shouldve been the partition is now taking up around 80gigs on the mac portion of my hard drive and there is no second partition. boot camp cant find the second partition and i cant find it in finder and i tried holding option while booting and the second partition doesn't show up. then i tried making a small partition then i was going to have it restore to one partition, hopefully eliminating the one merged with my mac hd. but halfway through the partition it says the disk cannot be partitioned because some files cant be moved and im cool with wiping my hd and starting over cuz i can get on to the mac partition like i am right now and back up all my stuff, just wondering if theres another way