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    Angry Windows 7 boot camp not booting
    hi there, i own a 15" macbook pro and i have an 80 GB boot camp partition that i use windows 7 on for gaming. i loaded Warcraft 2 (yes the one from 1995) onto it recently and downloaded a patch for it so i wouldn't have to use the CD. well apparently that patch was a trap and my windows theme changed to windows 98, so i shut the computer down thinking it would fix itself when i booted back into windows, so i tried and i started to blink that white underscore in the top left of the screen, but it stayed there and never went to the "starting windows" screen. anyway i assume that the patch was a virus/trap but i could be wrong. please help. i really don't want to have to buy the Star Trek theme that i had again and re--load 68 Gb of stuff back on. (rageQuit@Fail)

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    Did you use the handy Windows 7 backup program that's included to backup your data and make a clone image to an external NTFS drive?

    If you did, you can easily recover. If not, you're probably looking at a reinstall of Windows 7. What I suggest is that you first try to repair Windows 7 using the following procedure from MS. If that doesn't work... well, you've got your work cut out for you.


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    If you want to copy your files and folders you can do that using mac os x.
    Boot to Mac and copy what ever you want from the BOOTCAMP partition.

    btw. did you try pressing alt + ctrl + delete or ctrl + shift + esc ( they all do the same thing ) if a window showed up or you went the the start screen but with def options that means you still have hope.

    Replay if a window or start screen appeared I will tell you what to do.
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