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Thread: Installing windows 7 hardrive error please help?

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    Installing windows 7 hardrive error please help?
    Hi thanks for reading my question. Last weekend I went out and bought snow leopard and windows 7 it cost alot of money but I want windows on mac.

    I installed snow leopard and updated everything and then started the bootcamp assistant it came up with a message saying that I need to create a driver cd to be able to work my keyboard and trackpad etc. I inserted both a blank cd which didn't burn and then I tried a blank dvd which didn't work. So I ignored this and clicked continue without burning the cd as some mac users told me I can use the snow leopard cd for the driver once windows is installed.

    Everything was going great I made the partion of my hard drive to 32gb and it then said to insert the windows install disc I decided I was going to use the 32bit version as the 64 bit needs alot of ram. It then began with the windows install and asked me to setup my language and keyboard language which I did and then it came to the install location on the hard drive I think four locations came up and the boot camp but I couldn't install it on bootcamp because it said its not ntfs how do I fix this I need windows on my mac.

    I have now cleared the partion and was going to try and install it again but would like some advice please thanks alot.

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    Unfortunately that part of the install is confusing. I almost missed that myself. Here's how:

    When you select the Boot Camp partition (make absolutely sure you select the Boot Camp partition and not any other!) you should see an option dialog below for formatting. Select that and it will automatically format as NTFS. After that you can proceed with the install.

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    i dont know how much ram you have in your computer, but 64 bit doesnt "need" more RAM, it can use more RAM, if you have upwards of 4gb ram installed on your computer.

    its much more efficient than 32 bit for intensive work, but some applications don't work as they are not written for a 64bit OS yet.

    just thought i would clear the confusion up a bit (or maybe add a little bit)
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