I am new to this forum and really need some help. I have had my iMac for almost a year and since I was a devoted PC user before, I run VMware Fusion 3 on my iMac to run Windows XP Pro. I teach Paint Shop Pro and need windows for that. I use the Unity view and sometimes the Single Window view.
Now to my problem: I was on a web site on the Mac on Safari, Barb's Playground. I saved to Downloads several png images there to use in Paint Shop Pro (PSP). I opened the Downloads folder to move these pngs to my folder in Windows where I keep these images. This folder is on my desktop and the desktop is shared with VMware\Windows. I opened the folder through Windows where I was going to keep these images for use later. It is a subfolder of a folder on my shared desktop. I highlighted and dragged them to the destination folder. That is from the downloads folder on the Mac to a subfolder on the Window virtual machine.

As soon as they copied to that subfolder everything else in that subfolder disappeared. Not only that but everything else in the main folder disappeared as weil and the name of that main folder on my desktop was changed from "Connie's Personal" to "3". And a new folder was added to my desktop named Connie's Personal" and that is the folder where only the path folders I was using show.

I know this is confusing but to clarify. I now have my original Connie's Personal folder renamed to "3" still on my desktop and it appears to be ok. Everything seems to be in that folder the way it was. Only the folder name was changed, but the pngs I copied were not added.

The new folder on my desktop named "Connie's Personal" only has the folder and subfolders in it that I was using when I dragged and dropped the pngs. And it only has those copied pngs in the destination subfolder.

I have never seen anything like this happen before. At first I rebooted to see if that helped. It did not. I did a full system scan in the Windows OS and Avast found nothing. I don't know what to do from here or what in the world happened. The computer is otherwise running OK. I want to know if something went wrong, if I did something wrong, what caused this to happen, if something is wrong with my computer...either the Windows or Mac side.

Thanks for any help and I hope I made this as clear as mud.