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    Region Free
    If I install Win 7 via boot camp install Cyberlink Player & AnyDVD should I be able to play cross region DVDs on my Macbook

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    AnyDVD or AnyDVD HD should do it for you while you're booted up in Windows. Won't help while you're booted into OS X.

    (Just a heads up - Take a read through our DVD ripping policy before you get too far into this on the forum - link.)

    VLC player will do it under Windows & OS X.
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    Talking Region Free
    That's good to hear because `i think the region coding business is a con akin to saying you can only shop at this supermarket etc, it's taking away free choice.
    It's a move by the big studios to make more money not stop piracy,
    I work in the movie industry & travel a lot so being able to play DVDs from different regions without being penalised is a boon.
    Thanks for taking the trouble to reply.

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    May 19, 2011
    Didn't work for me
    Mac osx snow leopard 10.6.7
    Windows 7 starter installed through bootcamp
    AnyDVD HD

    When I try to play an out o region DVD I get an error about pins. I'll try to post it later.

    I also found this which suggests it doesn't work: No region-free DVD with Boot Camp on new Macbook Pro. - SlySoft Forum

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