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cronous 01-17-2011 08:02 AM

Bootcamp Security Issues
I wanted to know if there are any vulnerabilites to simply having a Bootcamp partition (with Windows and Snow Leopard) while running Snow Leopard? For example if say I get a virus on my Windows side, if I boot into Mac will it have any effect (I seem to be able to access files on my Windows side via Snow Leopard but unsure if viruses/malware/spyware transfers)? Additionally if am running Windows would viruses/malware/spyware be able to engage with files on my Mac partition? Also can I pick up viruses from my Mac and transfer it to my windows side (since I seem to be able to access files on the Mac partition from windows)?


Buzzard2010 01-17-2011 10:51 AM

Welcome to Mac-Forums
Let me start off with the fact that there are no known viruses for OSX, there other threats but i'll give you a link to our Virus/ Spyware etc sticky FAQ thread.
Let me also point out that having windows on another partition is absolutely fine as you can't effect your OSX partition if you do get a virus on your windows partition.
Read this for alot more info and to put your mind at rest:

Hope this helps.

- Simon

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