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    Windows XP install problems
    I purchased a copy of windows xp sp1 for bootcamp on ebay. I had trouble getting it onto the internet, i couldnt install all the macs drivers because they dont work with sp1, so i used a dongle. I registered it ok, but now i cant update it to sp2 in order to get all the drivers onto it. It says there isnt enough disk space even though ive give it 40gb.

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    Moved to correct forum.

    You can not use an XP SP1 install disk as it will not work with Boot Camp. The Boot Camp instructions are quite clear about that. What you can do, however, is download either SP2 or SP3 from Microsoft and then slipstream it to the copy of SP1 you have. That will yield a copy that you can use.

    There are several free slipstream programs for download that you can use. You will need a Windows PC in order to do the slipstreaming. Do a Google search for a free slipstream program.

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    Alternatively, you can create a virtual machine for your XP1 via VirtualBox (free from Sun), and it will run just fine. You can also use VMWare Fusion or Parallels (both have 30-day free trials). A virtual machine will run almost everything just fine; the only thing it will not do is natively access the video hardware, which is usually only an issue if you are running advanced games, editing videos or heavy photo editing. In fact, for most people, a virtual machine is simpler, easier to use and more seamless with their Mac than a dual-boot.


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