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    Does processor model number matter?
    My friends comp was stolen on christmas. He wants me to order him a new processor for his old (broken) computer.

    He says he needs an Athlon 64 2x 3800+ socket am2 processor with model number ADA3800CUBOX. I cannot find this model number anywhere online because it is so old, most sites are out of stock. The only one I could find has a model number of "ADO3800IAA5CU."

    I wanted to know, does the model number matter as long as the processor is Athlon 64 2x 3800+ socket am2?
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    You need to match sockets, or see what sockets the mobo supports.
    Find out what mobo he has, look it up and see what socket it supports. Then find processors with that socket. Just dont get the beefiest processor as the cooling system / BIOS more than likely won't be able to handle it.
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