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Thread: Mac OS extension Single partition Hard disk

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    Mac OS extension Single partition Hard disk
    I am new user for few months on Mac. I execute the Boot camp under the latest Snow Leopard OS, 10.5 above. I encountered this issue when I run Boot Camp.

    The error message is : "Single partition required - Mac OS extended (Jounaled) ..."

    Please tell me how I can solve this.

    Option 1 : reformat the whole Mac OS in one disk ? How do I do it in Mac OS ?

    Option 2 : use Disk utility to partition the hard disk into 1. Will this erase my Mac data files ?

    Is there other ways of partitioning it into 1 hard disk?


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    Your hard drive is fragmented. Which means that Boot Camp can not create a contiguous partition with enough space without moving files that can not be moved.

    The solution: Make a backup of your hard drive with Time Machine. Boot your machine with the original install DVD, use Disk Utility to erase the hard drive and then reinstall OS X. During the process, use your Time Machine backup to restore. Nothing will be lost and your problem will be solved.

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    Another option would be to use a program to defragment your disk and see if that frees up enough contiguous space. IDefrag is the one recommended by most on this forum. Coriolis Systems :: Products :: iDefrag

    However, it is not free. Either way, assume this will be a time-consuming task. Defragging a drive is best done overnight, for example.

    Good luck!

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