Hello, I'm looking for some advice on partitioning an external hard drive. I have recently purchased a 2 TB WD myBook studio.

What I'd like to do is have 1 TB or so partitioned for Time Machine use, and a second partition that can read/write with my Windows 7 boot camp partition as well as on my mac OS.

I have tried formatting the second partition with NTFS format using tuxera NTFS (im currently using Leopard) but windows would not see the partition

The myBook came formatted with Mac OSX Extended, which i then partitioned into 2 partitions, 1 which i setup time machine on. The other I have attempted to format for use on windows.

I am not sure if the issue with the partition not mounting on windows is because of the NTFS program driver I used or if it is because windows sees the entire external hard drive as Mac OSX Extended.

When I click on the drive in Disk Utility it shows as Mac OSX extended, with 1 partition also Mac OSX (the time machine partition), and the second partition is NTFS.

Would Windows 7 not be seeing my drive because the hard drive was originally Mac OSX?

My next step seems to maybe be to reformat the entire drive as NTFS and then format a partition as Mac OSX for Time Machine to run on. Time machine is recently setup so I can wipe it if needed but I'd rather not if possible.

Any input to get this running like I'd like [I assume what I'm asking is possible?] would be much appreciated.