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    Parallels, "Like a Mac" or "Like a PC" mode?
    Just purchased a new Macbook Air. Have installed Parallels Desktop 6. Heading to purchase a copy of Windows 7 shortly. Wondering if there is a better mode to use in Parallels, "Like a Mac" or "Like a PC"? Will be using Windows to remote desktop to my office PC (via SonicWall TZ170), also need to use a Verizon Wireless broadband device which I think will only work with Windows as well. Will be doing some other things in Windows, but mainly these.

    Wondering if it's better to use the "Like a PC" mode so that when I'm in the Windows window, I know that everything I'm doing is Windows based...??? Remote desktop may not be confused with Mac OS X still running?

    On the other hand I like the seamlessness of the "Like a Mac" mode where you can work within Windows and OS X very smoothly without really noticing a transfer between Operating Systems.

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    I like Cohesive "like a Mac" mode myself, but can work with either to be honest. Windows 7 isn't so different.
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    Its purely a matter of personal preference. Win7 programs will run the same either way.


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