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    Exclamation Mac can only boot broken GRUB
    You read the title, when booting I can only acces a broken GRUB and this is how I might have done it wrong. I installed Ubuntu the first time using dual-booting which I think is the worst way since it could be done better by using a Virtual Machine such as Parralels or VMware. Well later I noticed that after removing Ubuntu there was still 2 problems 1.when selecting a OS during startup When I select "Windows" it goes to a broken GRUB which displays something like this " Use tab to complete the first commands" GRUB><where you're suppose to type> and I can't type so I hard reboot it. 2. I could not get rid of LinuxSwap. Much later I removed LinuxSwap by booting in a Ubuntu live disk and then removing the partition as well as the Linux "/" and after booting to Mac OS X leopard disk0s1 the Mac OS X system partition was mounted which was bad since it was suppose to be invisible to even the root user unless viewed by terminal on any user. Now later I reformatted it as "Mac OS X something extended" and at first it was unjointed and impossible to mount and after I reformatted it it appeared as disk0s3. Now the problem appeared.
    This is the stuff I can do
    1. I can type some commands in the GRUB but when I typed find / the output is something like can't find /
    2. I might be able to boot up a live disk however my Linux Ubuntu live disk is broken.
    3. this is my dad's second hand Mac G5 iSight, not mine and it was a bargain, it was cheaper than my iPad with Mac OS X Leopard 10.5#
    4. I'm new to Mac-forums

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    Did you install the PPC version of Ubuntu? The latest versions of Ubuntu as far as I know are for the Intel platform only. The last PPC supported version of Ubuntu was 6.10. See this LINK for info.

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    I actually don't know. but I'm sure it was a Intel version. The mac is a Intel mac not a PPC.

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