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    Hi Folks,

    I've been scouring the net to find answers to my driver incompatibility after installing Windows 7 on my iMac. I originally hopped on this forum to ask how I could get my video card driver to work--after running the boot camp driver setup it still gives me the standard VGA driver and Generic monitor driver too.

    I thought maybe my problem was that I just needed to update boot camp, so I went on Apples website and found that my iMac isn't supported for Windows 7. What does that mean? It installed just fine, minus the video driver problems.

    Do you guys have any idea how I can get 7 going on this thing?


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    Some info is required: such as: which iMac? Which version OS X disc are you using to install BootCamp drivers?

    The Snow Leopard disc (and BootCamp 3) installs the drivers just fine for the X1600 used in most of the Macs from that time - used it without issue for my own install of Win 7 Ultimate.

    If you're using a Leopard disc - there was no Win 7 when it came out - I'd suggest you grab a copy of Snow Leopard. You could also try heading to AMD's site and download drivers there.
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    I have the early 2006 1.83 GHZ 17" iMac and I used Snow Leopard to install the drivers. There should be a special driver for the monitor too, right? Is there anyway I could download an updated Snow Leopard driver installer or something?

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    Awesome, I found the driver via the Windows Update. Funny how they say my computer isn't supported. What about the monitor driver? On your boot camp does it install an Apple monitor driver for the iMac?


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    Monitor drivers are strictly optional. Windows will identify most monitors simply as "Plug N Play" since the video driver is what really controls resolution, color depth, and refresh. So, to answer your question, a monitor driver is not needed.

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