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Thread: Mysql Commands

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    Mysql Commands
    Dear All,

    my MAC os version is 10.5.8

    when i open Terminal window i can see

    macs-macbook-2:~ mac$

    what are the commands to move


    and in ubuntu there is a command to check status as follows


    how do i check this on MAC??

    what are the commands??

    pls help me.

    thanks in advance.

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    We are not going to be able to teach you MySQL, you will have to do that on your own.

    Here are some useful commands...

    MySQL Commands

    Now, you are getting confused as well. When you open a terminal window you are seeing a command prompt that is based on UNIX. You will need to learn how to navigate in UNIX as well.

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    The MySQL commands should be very similar if not the same. If they differ, it's not because of the OS but rather an issue of the version of MySQL used. My Ubuntu server is running MySQL 5.1 so I presume you are as well. It's very possible that you have a different version running on your Mac. You'll have to check the docs for the SQL query if they're different between the versions.
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