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    mac os 9.2 question..
    The imac i have has a 4gig drive and when i double clicked the quick time icon on the freshly installed mac os 9.2 a error comes up saying not enough free space. Well the guy at the mac store where i bought the mac os 9.2 cd said these imac g3 233mhz, 32mb ram, 4gig drives origally came with mac os 9.2. Well how do u install programs if theres not enough free space.

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    Odd, my 333 came with 8.6, and it's relatively newer than yours. Dont trust so called mac experts at some of these stores.

    As far as free space, do a get info on the drive. How much free space is left?
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    These models, 233 mhz rev A or B, came with 8.1 as the OS, not 9x. If you are still using 32 mgs of RAM the problem may be there. First 9x uses a lot more RAM than versions of 8. OS 9.2 on my 333mhz rev D uses 41 mgs of RAM while 8.6 used 27. To compensate for the low amount of RAM the computer will try to use virtual memory. If there is not enough space on the hard drive for the VM temporary file the app won't launch properly. You can try to clean out the hard disk to more free space. On a long-term basis you will want to consider some hardware upgrades like more RAM or a larger hard disk. For info on older macs you can go to

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