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Thread: freshly install mac os 9.2, and now i have questions...

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    freshly install mac os 9.2, and now i have questions...
    I have a imac g3 32mb and freshly isntalled mac os 9.2 but when i double click the internet icon a mesage comes up at the top left corner saying basically aplle script must be installed. Any1 know how to install apple script? thax Ohh i'm totally new to these mac os.

    Also My untiled hardd drive is locked how do i unlock?

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    i was always under the impression that apple script is a stock program, but if its not on there... try the apple support website, versiontracker, worship satan and see how stuff works out

    as for unlocking the hd, go to system prefrences and fiddle around, its always better to learn through experience.

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