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    Microsoft blue screen of death
    I had to put windows on my macbook pro so I could use a piece of software, 3DS MAX. Twice now the programme has crashed and its gone to the windows blue screen, I have no idea whats going on? Any advice?

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    Any error messages to post? You didn't mention which version of Windows, but you should be able to check the software logs to see what exactly happened. There is no way we can assist with just the basic information you provided.

    Also, Microsoft maintains an extensive knowledge base which you can access through your browser which might or might not help. You may also want to go through on line support for 3DS MAX. It may be a known problem.

    Just a quick tip: BSODs in Windows are often associated with drivers and poorly written programs.

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    Thankyou for all your suggestions I will try them all out. There are no error messages before the Blue screen and im running xp on my mac. Ill definitely get in contact with 3ds. Thankyou

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    BSoD are pretty current with Windows XP, but seeing what kind of program 3DS MAX is i would say that it is a driver-related problem.

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