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    desperate attempt to solve a software problem, please help
    high everyone,
    the issue is related to my hockey pool. i need to run a program in order to change my lines and generally manage my team. the problem is that the software is for windows and i'm obviously using a mac with osx with leapoard. the following is the procedure recommended for using the program (client) for a mac..

    "HOW TO: Install the client in MAC OSX
    by hfnhl Tue Jun 29, 2010 11:11 pm

    1) Install XQuartz (X11 windowing system)

    X112.5.0 ? XQuartz

    Make sure you pick the right version: Leopard or SnowLeopard.

    2) Install Mono Framework (This allows you to run the client)

    Download - Mono

    3) Download the STHS MONO Client

    4) Unzip & Move the Client (SimonTHockeySimulator.exe) into your main user folder (it's usually named after you, the user)

    5) Move the client file (.stc file) to the same folder

    6) Open XQuartz (found in your Applications folder UTILITIES)

    Once XQuartz is open, look under the Applications pull-down menu (at the top), and click on TERMINAL (or just hit CMD-N)

    7) A terminal window will pop up (called "xterm") and in the window you will see this:


    TYPE in:

    mono SimonTHockeySimulator.exe

    Make sure there is a space between mono and the file name. Here you are asking the computer to load mono and mono to load STHS.

    Then wait. It takes a little bit of time where you won't see anything but the Client will then load.

    Load the league file --"

    when i follow this procedure "xterm" tells me that there is no file or directory named simonthockeysimulator but i clearly followed all the directions and downloaded the appropriate programs. also, when i try and download the league file it opens as a web page and not a file.

    my questions regarding this matter are as follows:
    1) is it possible that i need another program to open the league file because i know it works properly for the people using windows? (it's suppossed to open as a .stc file)
    or better yet
    2) is it possible to download a program(s) that would allow me to use (client) in a windows format without running the entire windows suite on my mac? if so which one(s) and how do i proceed?

    i realize this post is long winded but hopefully it is clear enough for someone to provide some insight.

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    You could try CrossOver for Mac

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