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    windows on a mac with vmware ??
    I have a intel core 2 duo with 3.06 ghz. while running windows with vmware my processors are having speeds of 100% and a temperature of 150 - 180 degrees F. What is the deal with the processors? is it ok to be running that high while 2 operating systems are on? if not is there a way to keep the speeds and temp low? My screens started wigging out with black and the back ground going up and down, the computer was frozen and I couldn't do a thing so I shut down, waited 6 min and restarted. PLZ Help, I am new to info on macbooks and just don't want to screw this one up... they are quite expensive!

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    That temperature is around 70 - 80 degrees celsius, which is a little high but not really something to get too worried about. If you are worried about it though download smcFanControl : Download smcFanControl for Mac - Control Intel Mac fans to make them run cooler. you can manually set the fan speeds with this software, although I wouldn't recommend putting them on highest setting for a prolonged amount of time.

    Other than that I can't really help you, sorry.

    - Simon

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