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    Quickime Issue
    Hello all

    Ok, I'm currently working with a Casting Director in England (I'm in Canada) Now my issue is, I have some compression setting I have set up for her so she can upload to our server. The problem is her file sizes are WAY bigger than what I'm getting. She is working on an iMac G4 with iMovie, and I'm working on a Mac Mini with iMovie HD. Our compression settings are set up the exact same way, (same codec (sorensen 3) , same audio sample rates 44.1), same frame rates (320 x 240), same everything) but like I said her file sizes are much bigger than mine. The only difference is she shoots her auditions to tape first and then transfers, edits and compresses the file where as I just shoot directly to my HD. Does anyone have any idea why?
    Would it have something to do with the whole PAL NTSC difference?

    Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


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    That possible I suppose since I believe PAL displays more lines per image than NTSC? Or vice versa?

    It might also be because iMovie 4 creates a different project file than iMovie 5 (HD).
    If you save an iMovie 4 project in iMovie 5, it actually warns you of possible file format conflicts... so perhaps iMovie 5 is more efficient when it comes to saving files...
    Maybe get her to upgrade to iLife 05 and see if that helps.

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