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    Bootcamp (Pretty Much) Killed My HDD.
    I updated all of my software on my Macbook (which is running Snow Leopard), and closed out everything except for Finder, of course. I made my partition, allowing my Bootcamp side of the drive about 10GB of space, and then I restarted my machine. After starting back up, it would just lead to a black screen with a single, blinking cursor, and nothing I could do would change that, and I couldn't find any tutorials online to offer any guidance other than reformatting and installing OSX again, which I did. The partition shows up on my desktop now, but am I safe to try installing Windows 7 now? I'm pretty terrified of screwing things up a second time and having to go another night of reinstalling a million things and wasting a bunch of time.

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    I used this website to help me through the Bootcamp/Windows 7 install process. I hope it helps:

    Using Boot Camp to install Windows 7 on your Mac: The Complete Walkthrough – Simple Help

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    See if this helps:-

    How to Use Windows 7 with Boot Camp

    Query the 10GB as recommended by Apple. Wonder if it is really sufficiently large to install Windows 7, applications, games etc. The article recommends more.

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    I just realized you said 10 gb. They recommend 16 gb for the 32 bit and 20 for the 64 bit Windows 7. Maybe its just set too small to adequately install. I set mine for 25gb for 64 just to be safe. It really won't take that much as I still have about 9 gb left after installing some programs, but mine worked fine just making sure I followed the recommendations for partition size

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