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Thread: heeeeelp me plzzz

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    heeeeelp me plzzz
    hubbie just installed brand new hard drive on his imac its a little older and runs on i believe 10.4; any who the software wont let him install the second disk keeps giving him a black screen that says bad system call exited abnormally ;hang up local host:/ ihave no name!# exited with status :69
    What are we doing wrong and how do we fix this

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    Sounds like the disk just isn't formatted. But based on your description, I'm not entirely sure what software you're using to set it up. If it's a brand new disk and he hasn't prepped it in any way, the normal procedure would be to boot the machine from System Disc 1 (one of the two discs that came with the machine). Then, start going through the OS X installer until the menu bar appears at the top of the screen. From the Utilities menu, you'll need to open Disk Utility, select the new disk and partition it.
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