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    Exclamation Multiple issues with bootcamp/Win XP
    Just bought me an iMac. However I must use XP temporarily due to my audio program only working on Windows (will be switching audio programs as soon as I could afford it and getting rid of Windows for good)

    So.. I installed the windows XP SP2, I get no sound. Only ONE of TWO sound drivers installed.... Not getting any sound, whatsoever. Did a search here and was directed to realtek, didn't work. I have bootcamp 3.1.

    Second, my SP3 won't install saying I don't have enough memory in my CWindows\$servicepackuninstall$ folder or something to install it, of course I have plenty of room in my HD. I want to get SP3 in there, but if I can't get it, then I can't

    Lastly, I'm getting the BLUE SCREEN. It flashes then from my previous experience, it's the blue screen you get when you install too much memory for the motherboard could says that it's dumping physical memory or something like that.

    edit: The blue screen occurs while the bootcamp disk is installing the drivers, towards the end it goes wacky on me.
    Now any help would be extremely appreciated.

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    1. A newer version of the Realtek driver for your sound chip will fix the problem. If is no good, try DriverGuide - XP Drivers, Windows 7 Drivers, Printer Drivers, Audio Drivers, CDROM Drivers, Network Drivers, USB Drivers, Device Drivers, Driver Downl

    2. You can remove $servicepackuninstall folder or move it elsewhere. Then try installing SP3 again.

    3. Not sure whats causing that. Try turn off auto-reboot in System control panel, so that yuo can see the text and which file and what the error message is.

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    Nov 13, 2010
    Ok...I figured out the problem. I noticed people were getting the blue screen while installing the bootcamp disc onto winxp pro sp2. Also they were not getting sound....

    This is what I did:

    1. Reinstalled Windows XP
    2. Put in the Bootcamp disk
    2a. Had it go to blue screen.
    2b. Started the Bootcamp Disk again
    3. When the found new hardware windows popped up during installation of the sound drivers, I cancelled all of them and let the disk keep running. It then completed (which never happened before). It froze...but I restarted again and everything works...

    BTW the soundcard is a Cirrus audio soundcard for my 21.5 iMac. There is an ATI soundcard as well, which always installed without issue. The Cirrus audio is the one that wouldn't download. It's not a realtek soundcard....Everyone has been telling me it's a realtek, when it's Cirrus....

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