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    internet on Windows 7
    Hello, well I'm Javi, this is the very first time I write here, Thank you in advance guys...

    I have a macbook 5,1 unibody late 2008, and I am having troubles with the internet when I am running Windows 7.
    I can cannect to internet, and keeping the conection on doesn't seem to be the problem, but when I try to download any file it paralyzes showing something like "0 bytes/sec time remaining unknown". So I have to close the current download and restart it a lot of times until it finally "reacts".
    It happends every single time I download something, and I can't find nothing on the internet about this issue... How can I fix it?, thanks.

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    Welcome to Mac-Forums

    Are you using Boot Camp or parrallels or other simulator?

    - Simon

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    Could be that the default save location for downloads is on a Mac partition of the hard drive. Go into your web browser ad make sure the location for all downloaded files is on the Windows side of the hard drive.
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