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    Ubuntu - Atheroes and Airport
    Hi guys,
    I got a mac book pro.And Installed virtual box and set up an host OS with ubutntu. I was not able to see my wireless device. I want the difference between Atheroes and Airport what are they both.??Will Installing Atheroes solves my problem?

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    Moved and added "Ubuntu" to title.

    You can try installing it to see if it will help. You might also want to ask the same question over in the Ubuntu forums. I honestly do not know what special tools that VB installs for the guest OS - especially Linux.

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    The VB guest additions install graphics drivers along with a few other things IIRC.

    OP - Do you mean that you setup Ubuntu as a guest (installed Ubuntu into a VM) or do you have Ubuntu installed to the HD on your MBP (Ubuntu would be the host in this case)? If it's a guest, you shouldn't have any issues with networking. By default, VB sets up VMs with NAT which should work perfectly out of the box for you. What version of Ubuntu are you using? Recent versions should work without a hitch and any configuring on your part.
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    I can testify that I have Ubuntu 10.10 running in 512k on my 2 GB MBA 11" - had to install the guest tools, but it detects my wireless just fine. Have not had any issues. Works like a charm - the guest tool install for 10.10 required a little workaround (had to run a quick script and install an earlier version of the tools, which Ubuntu then updated on its own), but all is well now.

    I believe this is the solution that worked for me - I googled the 10.10 install for guest tools and found a few script suggestions, but I think this one works:

    Anyway, there are several install solutions out there, trying them only takes a couple minutes and the tools work fine once installed. Any issues, please post back.


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